About the Bed

What does the LightHeaded Bed "do"?

The 12V light panel built into the headboard serves as a reading light or it can be dimmed to act as a nightlight. It can be set on a timer for up to 60 minutes. It can also be set to “fade-to-off” to help lull you to sleep over the time you’ve set. Best of all, it also backlights the changeable HeadLight Images you’ve chosen to offer an incredible decorating twist to any bedroom décor.

What is included with a LightHeaded Bed?

Each bed includes:

  • (1) Headboard & Footboard with built in custom storage for HeadLight Images
  • (2) Adjustable Height Side Rails
  • (1) Complete set of roll-out slats for mattress or mattress/box-spring combo (12 total slats)
  • (1) LED Light Component Kit (LCK) consisting of patented pre-installed 12V energy efficient light component, clear acrylic cover, 110 v AC / 12v DC Power Supply with connecting cord.
  • (1) Remote control.
  • (1) Dolphin Starter HeadLight Image pre-installed.
  • (1) $20 HeadLight Image Gift Coupon for purchase of first Image to personalize your new bed redeemable at LightHeadedBeds.com.

(You can choose from hundreds of HeadLight Images or upload one of your own photos or artwork.)

Are the beds made from quality materials?

Yes, they are made of solid wood and real wood veneers with a multi-step finish. The heirloom quality construction will assure the bed will last a long time.

About HeadLight Images

What are the interchangeable images called that are in the headboard?

They are known as HeadLight Images.

Can I change the HeadLight Images that are in the headboard? If so, how do they change?

Yes, HeadLight Images can be changed in seconds! Simply access the Light Component Kit on the top of the headboard and using your fingers slide up the HeadLight Image currently within the headboard. Place the new HeadLight Image back into the top of the headboard by feeding the bottom corner of the HeadLight Image closest to you into the top opening of the headboard, placing it between the rounded black cap of the light panel and the front protective acrylic sheet. Continue slowly feeding the HeadLight Image downward into the opening, until you are able to feed the bottom corner furthest from you into the opening. Level the HeadLight Image horizontally and continue feeding it down into the opening until the bottom of the HeadLight reaches the bottom of the opening.

Do I get a $20 Coupon and an image with my purchase of the bed?

Yes and Yes! Your new bed comes with a “Starter HeadLight Image” to ensure enjoyment from day one. However, the most unique idea behind our bed is your ability to personalize the HeadLight Image. Your bed will come with a $20 Gift Coupon to choose from hundreds of HeadLight Images at LightHeadedBeds.com to fully personalize your bed.

What types of HeadLight Images are available for me to choose from?

LightHeaded Beds offers thousands of HeadLight Images to choose from such as Sports, Nature, Wildlife, Holidays and more. This ultimately gives you the ability to change the HeadLight Image as new interests are acquired or as the seasons and holidays change or at your whim. There are HeadLight Images for all ages. You can view all licenses and HeadLight Images available at LightHeadedBeds.com under “HeadLightz Images”.

Can I use my own photo or artwork to create HeadLight Images?

Yes. Simply go to “Create your Image” on LightHeadedBeds.com and follow the instructions to upload your own photo or artwork, which will then be printed and mailed directly to you.

Can I purchase a HeadLight Image that LightHeaded Beds does not have a license for?

We would be happy to produce a HeadLight Image for you if you were to supply it according to the terms of our website upload and copyright requirements.

Where do I store my HeadLight Images?

LightHeaded Beds have a uniquely designed storage pocket in the footboard to store up to 25 HeadLight Images.

About the Light Guided Panel

Do all the light functions work from the remote control? 

Yes, your LightHeaded Bed light panel is controlled with the LightHeaded Beds remote control. Functions include power On/Off, brightness control, Lights Out timer that sets a timer to allow the light panel to automatically turn off, a nightlight, and a fade-to-off setting to gradually fade the light panel from its brightness setting to the off position over a set time.

Do you sell extra Remote Controls on your website? 

Yes, From the LightHeaded Beds website home page, go to “Furniture” drop down menu and you will find the “Remote” menu.

Is there an on/off switch for the light besides the remote? 

Yes. The back of the bed has an On/Off switch for the light.

Is the light safe? 

Yes, the 12V LED light is made from 4mm acrylic so it has no glass, no noise, no exposed parts, and generates very little heat (not much higher than room temperature). It arrives fully self-contained and assembled within the headboard ready to be plugged in. It’s also incredibly energy efficient.

How long does the Light Last? 

Our energy efficient 12V LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours. At 12 hours usage a night, that equates to over 11 years.

What happens if the Light stops working?

Your LightHeaded Bed electronics are designed for easy replacement of faulty or broken parts if ever necessary. The lighting panel is designed as a single-piece unit that can be easily replaced by the owner of the bed. Please contact LightHeaded Beds at 435-565-4490 to see if your LGP is under warranty or to make arrangements for a replacement unit.

About the Warranty

What type of warranty comes with the bed? 

LightHeaded Beds offers a limited warranty for one year from date of purchase. You need to be sure to register your new bed with LightHeaded Beds.

How do I obtain warranty service? 

If you have any questions regarding your warranty or would like to obtain warranty service, please call 1-800-225-3865 and a friendly customer service representative will assist you.

Trundles, Mattress, Boxspring Etc...

Do I need to use a box spring with my LightHeaded Bed? 

Box Springs are not required. LightHeaded Beds include 12 roll-out slats with each purchase as support for your twin or full mattress. The adjustable height side rails allow the bed to be used with or without a box spring. The full size beds come with an extra center support leg for added stability. The adjustable side rails also allow for a trundle to be positioned under the bed. Trundles are sold separately..

Is there a recommended mattress thickness for the beds? 

Any size mattress will work for the bed but we recommend a mattress thickness in the range of 8” to 10” (note trundle mattress thickness cannot exceed 6”).

Can you use an XL Twin or Full Mattress? 

Our LightHeaded Beds currently accommodate standard twin and full size mattresses but do not accommodate XL size mattresses, which are typically 3 inches longer. Our headboard only products will allow our headboards to connect to a standard metal frame where you have the option to add an XL twin or full size mattress.

What size mattress do I need for the trundle? 

We recommend a 6" mattress for the trundle bed. The twin and full-size LightHeaded Beds are sold separately and have adjustable height side rails. In order for these beds to accommodate the twin trundle bed, the side rails must be adjusted to the highest setting. At the highest setting, the clearance from the bottom of the side rail on the twin or full size LightHeaded Beds and the top of the slats on the trundle bed is actually 6 - 11/16". The trundles include 12 slats.

Can I buy a matching dresser and nightstand? 

Currently LightHeaded Beds does not offer a matching dresser and nightstand for our beds. However, our beds were designed to be transitional in nature and coordinate with the most popular bedroom style furniture.

Headboard only and Bed Sizes

Do you sell a headboard only option? 

Currently, LightHeaded Beds offers twin size headboards in the Montgomery style beds.

Do you sell Queen and King Sizes? 

Currently we only offer twin and full size beds.

Miscellaneous Questions

What happens if I receive my bed and it is damaged? Who do I contact? 

Send a picture of the damage along with your receipt of purchase to lightheaded@lifetime.com. Be sure to include the size and model of the bed as well as the finish. Also include where you purchased the beds and the approximate date of purchase.

What happens if my bed has missing parts? Who do I contact? 

Please call or e-mail our customer service at 1-800-225-3865 or lightheaded@lifetime.com. Be sure to include the size and model of the bed as well as the finish.

Does LightHeaded Beds ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska? 

LightHeaded Beds can ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska but extra shipping charges will apply. Please call or e-mail our customer service at 1-800-225-3865 or buy@lifetime.com to give us your address for a shipping quote.

Can you send someone to my home to assemble my furniture? 

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. However, LightHeaded Beds are very easy to install and can typically be assembled in less than 30 minutes. You can however check with the retailer where the furniture was purchased and if you decide to assemble it yourself our agents can assist you over the phone.

What is the weight capacity for your beds? 

The beds have been static tested to 300 lbs.

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

What if I want to cancel my order? 

If your order was placed before 2 p.m. Eastern, you can cancel your order up until 2 p.m. that same day.

Can I return my items? 

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund within 15 days of purchase. We will gladly accept it and give you a full refund, minus the original shipping charges. We are unable to pay for return shipping charges

Please send all returns to:

Lifetime Products

Freeport Center, Building M-7

Clearfield, UT, 84014

What is your shipping policy and what options do you offer? 

All orders should be shipped out within 3-5 business days from the day the order was placed. Any orders placed after 5 p.m. Eastern will be processed the next business day.

We are currently shipping through USPS Ground Service and FedEX Ground.

What happens if my coupon code does not work? 

If you have any trouble applying your coupon code that comes with your bed purchase towards a HeadLight Image, please take a photo of the coupon code and e-mail it to buy@lifetime.com with an explanation of why it is not working and where and when it was purchased.

If you have problems with any other coupon codes or promos, please contact us directly at to 1-800-225-3865 or e-mail us at buy@lifetime.com and we can assist you.