One Bed, Endless Possibilities.

Kids grow up fast and their interests are always changing. Their dreams and interests change from damsels and dragons to pop stars and sports idols.

With a LightHeaded Beds, kids will never outgrow their dreams. The soothing, warm glow of the backlit headboard, with its interchangeable HeadLightz graphic, makes bedtime a fun time. And as your children discover new interests, LightHeaded offers them countless options to match their endless imagination.

It's easy to get started... just choose from thousands of unique images from our online gallery or use your own photos and artwork, and your LightHeaded bed will grow and change along with your child's dreams.



Light It Up, Dim It Down.

Getting children ready for bed can be a major challenge. Some kids just want to stay up late and read. Others are afraid of the dark. LightHeaded Beds put you in charge of bedtime: a remote control dimmer and timer lets parents set the brightness and the duration of the light, to help kids feel even more comfortable in a bed they can really call their own.